Vriksha is an alternate school which aims to be different. In a world where education is equated to academic proficiency, content mastery, uniformity in process and practice, we strive to be the change.

We endeavor in making our children self motivated lateral thinkers, passionate learners for their entire life, adeptly equipped in life skills with strong moral values and pride in our heritage and culture, responsible citizens who respect fellow human beings, discerning judges in conserving natural resources and conscientious  dwellers of Planet Earth.

A fresh and crisp sapling and yet we are aspiring to make a mark for ourselves in the arena of education. Our program will include not only academics but essential life skills like plumbing, electric work, carpentry, farming, music, painting, yoga etc.

In Vriksha the goal of learning does not lie in Scoring, in Grades and in Memorizing. Here the goal is Self-Learning in the presence of a motivating adult.  Realizing that learning is subjective and proficiency originates from introspection and eventually in application, we provide a supportive and a conducive atmosphere.

Vriksha aims not only at the growth of the child but at the evolution of the student. In the initial years we hold their hands but gradually, imperceptibly loosen our hold and let them go to find their own prospects, their own future.