At Vriksha, we offer a motivating environment for children which will retain their natural identity and boost their self confidence and self-esteem. Vriksha provides the momentum to every child which will propel them to soar great heights where sky is  the  only limit.

We want to provide the opportunity for the children to not only prove themselves to be competent in this technologically advancing world., but also to be good human beings. Children are made aware that they share their planet with not only fellow human beings but also with very many creatures, small and big.

Our dream is to produce students who will be aware of their responsibilities towards their family, their community, their country and most importantly to Planet Earth.


We provide an environment which would be set in a verdant green location. Exposure to Nature and its effect on children and their learning, is been adequately documented of late. Benefits include physical well being, mental tranquility, awareness and cohesion with the world around and an increased knowledge of natural sciences. The outdoor activities offer the children a sense of freedom and break the monotony of sitting cloistered inside a classroom. This also extends their horizons and aids them in making that supreme connect with Nature.

The recent resurgence of Learning in Natural Environments has been described as one of the  most potent and natural methods of learning. Natural Environments not only provide the perfect ambience for learning to happen but also offer a great opportunity for group activities in exploration and discovery. Here the scope for authentic real life tasks like creating ponds, designing pathways, clearing shrubs etc are aplenty.