Tanvi  Viswanathan

     “Our daughter has been in Vriksha Montessori since she was about 27 months old. This is our first experience as a parent sending their child to school. We  are so glad that we this set up. We never wanted a regular school to force her into learning and as this was her  1st step towards a beautiful future we wanted it to be the best.

     We believe in basics being taught to them and that exactly what Vriksha delivered. I could think of no better place to give my child a head start in life.

Thank you team Vriksha!!!”




M/O Neha

     “This is our third year in Vriksha Montessori house of children. We came across them through a family friend. We  felt(still feel) the place is very lively with trees and flowers. Our kid  loves the school and her teachers. Teachers are very friendly and easily approachable. They teach the kids according to their interest. Their method is different and good too.

      Though we live 6 K.m  away, we felt it is very much worth to travel the distance for this school. In my opinion  Vriksha Montessori house of children is the best school in our area. I wish the teachers and Mythili mam continue their service”.



Dr. M.Chandrakumar, Ph.D.

F/O Jai Niralyan

Dear Madam Mythili,

    ” I am the parent of Jai Niralyan in class UKG, and would like to commend the teachers for their passion in teaching and dedication to students.

     Specifically, Mrs. Padma Madam, has taught my child for one and half years, and I have always found her to be a caring and committed teacher who puts in great efforts to make the best of students’ potential. She adopts innovative methods of teaching to help her students to grasp and understand the concept better, and more importantly, makes the learning process fun and interesting.  My child enjoyed being taught by Mrs. Padma Madam, and always share his  positive experiences at school. As a parent, I am heartened to see my child being guided and nurtured with positive dispositions towards learning.

   I am indebted to thank the efforts, commitment and passion being poured on my child by         Mrs. Kala Madam, Mrs.  Gayathri  Madam and you to make him a good seed, “I appreciate the MOUNDS of work you all do!”.

   I have to make a special mention about the facilities , hygiene systems and excellent  teaching-learning environment  at Vriksha.

   Special Thanks to YOU madam for being a sweet and well-rounded teacher”.



A. Kirubakar

F/O K.Prathyush 

                VRIKSHA THE PLAYWAY SCHOOL is known to us for the past 8 years. My daughter K.Varnika started her PRE-KG in this school. Their way of teaching is unique. During her one year
period she learnt Rhymes (English, Hindi & Tamil), numbers, alphabets and writing too. She was
prepared for the next step. KG classes were not available then, we were forced to shift her to
other school.
After satisfying ourselves, I admitted my son K. Prathyush at “Vriksha” during 2015 in PRE-KG.
Now he is in to his First Standard. The curriculum includes reading, writing (cursive writing),
Mathematics and a variety of other activities. He is able to do Addition, Subtraction and
Multiplication without parents help. Apart from the routine, they also impart Yoga, Music (Bongo,
Guitar and Keyboard). In order to cultivate reading habits, story books are given to the students
to read every week. He loves going to school.
In addition to the formal education, their eating habits, discipline, spoken English is also
monitored. Individual attention is given to the students and they are taught based on individual
I am happy of having handed over my son to the best school under the care of the best teachers.
In short at “Vriksha” is a unique school with a difference.