Vriksha offers to the students a unique and exotic blend of education along with art, culture , humanism and love and respect for the environment.

Fundamentally our focus will be on Saving our Environment. Children will learn that Planet Earth is a place where humans have to co-habit with every creature that exist in Nature. Environment encompasses of our physical surroundings and the biological life forms we see around us. It is our mindlessness that has led us to several irreparable damages to the environment. Pollution, Global warming, Ozone depletion, Endangering of species etc are problems which threaten our very existence. As the cliche goes “Catch them Young”, we believe in giving the children an early start by making an earnest beginning right when they are in school.

Indian Heritage and Culture will be another area on which we would focus. Many cultures have emerged and perished on the face of the earth. Our Indian culture has the singular quality of enduring the ravages of time. Endurance has been possible because India has seen Unity in Diversity. Its this composite nature of India that draws the attention of the World.

Acceptance, Tolerance, Understanding, Empathy, Mindfulness are virtues we not only want our children to imbibe but also to disseminate.

Hence the emphasis would be on an all round development of the child as a good student, an ideal citizen and an exemplary denizen of Mother Nature.